Monday, September 10, 2018

Part 2 - Vacation

One of the reflective pools in the Italian Gardens

Sunset to the west (back) of the house

English Garden, inside the house to the right of the main entry

Looking up to the glass dome over the English Garden

View from the first floor balcony

First floor balcony. I know!

On a walk, no idea where we were. It was pitch black

3 installations in this area, but we were walking off the path on the grounds which were uneven.

At this point we are following the herd. It was crowded. It was very, very humid and hot

Back to the rowboat filled with glass balls

The front of the house from a distance

2 old broads trying to figure out how to take a selfie. My arm wasn't long enough
I just realized as I added these photos to the blog from Dropbox that my last day of pics are not in Dropbox. So this is going to spread into a 3 day post.

First, it was cooler in Chicago and Indianapolis the entire time we were gone. We were expecting the start of fall in the mountains. Yeah, no. Hot. Hot. Hot. And more hot with a huge dash of humidity.

The Biltmore Estate is not normally open after dark. There are some outdoor lights on the house itself, and a few on paths, but not a lot. The battery on my phone was fading fast, so I didn't use the flashlight app. We followed people who did have on their flashlight. Tricky walking on gravel, mulch, stone and wood paths at night. And there are stairs. So many stairs. But you do what needs to be done for a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was worth it.

I really need to get better at selfies. Or not. Not my first, but it was for Pat. The looks on our faces says it all. More, hopefully, tomorrow.

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