Friday, August 24, 2018

The 100 Day Project Gathering

Sitting inside the Artsgarden in Indianapolis

Janet brought her 100 days of Zentangle inches

Beautiful work
5 women were at the Indianapolis Gathering for the celebration of The 100 Day Project last night. We would like to see this grow, so we have decided to try and promote the free project and get more people involved. This group will have a launch for the 2019 challenge. Jen, the organizer of last night's gathering, told us about several shows coming up that interest us. So I will look into joining the Indianapolis Arts Council.

I am not trying to sell my art. That has been tried, and it was only mildly successful in a tiny shop. I have never sold anything online. My goal is just to connect with more creative people.

Cathy and I also decided that we can venture out into the big, bad city and make it back home again. She is driving. Let me repeat that, Cathy is driving.

Life is good. So are anxiety pills.

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