Thursday, June 21, 2018

Day 80


Pot full of petunias on my deck, in the setting sun

Gracie being a smart ass last night

The photograph on today's tag came from an antique dealer in Mineral Point, WI. last August. The only writing on the back was the number, 21. So no idea who this is or where it was taken. It doesn't matter. I was after using the black and white photo as a graphic.

My Aussie has been in a mood to whine. She wants constant attention or wants outside. So she can come inside. Then go outside again. Do we see the pattern? This is when I wish I could walk the dogs. If we walked, she would work off some of this energy and calm down. On the other hand, she will turn 10 in December and is already considered a senior dog. At what point is Gracie going to acknowledge that fact?

Mom needs a nap.

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