Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day 17

My nurse, as he watches over me. I just told him no dog park.
Woke up yesterday with a high fever and sore throat. Started taking zinc every 3 hours, and I feel like I will not only live, but this cold/flu has been kicked in the butt. I swear by zinc. Also fresh fruit and chicken soup.  Trying to explain to the dogs that even though the sun was shining, and the ground was somewhat dry, there would not be a dog park adventure. Mom is sick. Thus "the look". My boy Jake.

Today's tag had been printed repeatedly on the large gel plate. I liked how it turned out, so really didn't want to add much, or cover it up. Stenciled the large 17, and the You Can, added a piece of material at the top. I believe this 100 day project is doing me a great deal of good, both on composition and selection of colors that I might not normally use.

Thanks for stopping by.

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