Monday, February 12, 2018


I should have put a sheet of dark cardstock behind this. Sorry!

Cut out sentences from an old book that were applicable

Gel printed deli paper is on the tags, except the round one

Making my own embellishments for tags and journaling with black paint, stencils, and foam stamps

Black paint on pattern paper

Inspiration from the Roben-Marie tag class

My new (to me) rain drop stamp from Red Door

Jake not being impressed with the agility competition from the Westminster Dog Show
I had a very productive day yesterday. While the ice continued to cause problems all over the area, the dogs and I were comfortable at home. I made art, they slept, ate, and whined to go out and come in.

If you are looking for inspiration or a kick start on smaller projects, I highly recommend the online class about tags from Roben-Marie Smith. It is affordable and full of information that we can apply to a variety of projects. She uses her line of art pop stickers, cards, and strips. I have cut up my own gel printed papers and deli painted papers, adding old book text. Whatever turns your cranks, I am loving the results. The big black flower on the last two tags is from an old Rae Missigman stencil that is still available from Stencil Girl Products. I used cheap black craft paint to pounce on medium weight card stock, then when it was dry, fussy cut it out, cut it in half, and used one flower for 2 tags. Because it turned out better than I thought, today I will go through all of my flower stencils and do some more. That would be a neat embellishment for spring in pastel colors.

The dogs and I watched about an hour of the agility competition from Westminster. We were all cheering Harley, the cancer survivor, but the Border Collie took it. Gracie really wanted an Aussie to come in first. Jake was bored, put his head down and was snoring.  Dogs. We do love them.

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