Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Roben Marie's tag class

Front of tag book

Inside covers

The smaller tag book that is now glued inside the larger tag
I finished this last night after the sun set, and have yet to take photos of the final version. I don't do flash photography any more for posting, because it just looks fake.

This is Roben-Marie Smith's new online class, TAGS. And we are going to try this again in giving you a link here. In this class you will watch her make 6 different tags, or tag books as in this case. All of the projects are fairly fast. This was something I needed to kick start me into using up old papers. I am so proud of myself. I DID NOT BUY ONE ADDITIONAL SUPPLY TO MAKE THIS! (Hi, Tracie!) except the class itself.

Paper on the front of the tag is genuine old ledger paper purchased at an antique store in Mooresville, IN. I was saving it. Yesterday I asked myself, for what? Ripped out a large page. The colored rectangle is a piece of gel printed deli paper, as are the papers on the smaller tag book. The circled paper on the inside cover is deli paper that I "printed" with a bottle cap and black paint last summer.  I do print, apply, stamp on deli papers and then put them in a container to promptly forget about. Yeah, no. Went through all of them yesterday, and now know some I will keep to use for projects like this, some are going to the great landfill for proper burial.

I machine stitched around both tags. More to come!

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