Monday, December 11, 2017


The tree in the main lobby of The Merchandise Mart in Chicago

Lunch was a bottle of water and a meatless salad. $13.75. Uh huh

A belated birthday present from Pat

Cocoa. Always in pearls and now sporting a coat
I had a 3 day weekend in Chicago for Christmas. Have not seen everyone for months, so this was also a catch-up trip. We had a wonderful time, and now that I am home, I fully realize there were too many people I did not get to see. This just gets harder as you age.

On Friday I went to the annual ONE OF A KIND show at the Mart. Over 600 artists bring their wares for a 4 day selling show. Seth Apter had announced in August that he was going to be there, and because I took his class in Wisconsin, he offered all of us free passes. THAT, my friends, was the only thing free. Round trip train ride from south suburbs to downtown: $15.00. Cab fares from Randolph and Michigan to The Mart: $15. Lunch (????): $13.75. I also purchased art from Seth, and some cinnamon goodies that I gave to Pat after eating two. She was unable to join me on this adventure due to an electric outage. Consolation prize.

I love Chicago, I truly do. It is my birthplace, my hometown. But there is no way I could travel into that city 5 days a week as I did for 11 years. And Metra? That union needs to teach it's people to be kind and thoughtful for out of town travelers. Just saying.....

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"Destination" by Seth Apter. Now mine. I love the patina.

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