Monday, June 26, 2017

One Day At A Time

Clouds at the dog park on Saturday

Notice the layers of colors giving the clouds their shapes

Hosta plant getting ready to bloom

Halloween tag - work in progress
I don't know if it's my mood, or the Prednisone I am taking for sciatica, or the weather. Just have not been able to stay focused on one project and work something to completion. That happens every once in awhile. Usually it signals a need to buy art/craft supplies. Because you know we never have enough. Ever.

I have several failed, in my opinion they have failed, abstract projects sitting in that room. While at the dog park Saturday, I realized that the big fluffy clouds had the exact type of layers of "paint" that I was trying to achieve in my paintings. Posting these to remind me that any abstract should be in layers. Lots of layers.

Nature is always an inspiration, and the Hosta plants I have scattered around the house never fail to draw my eye.

Yesterday I had a few hours to kill before visiting a friend who recently had surgery. I got out the small 3x5 inch Gel plate, and started printing on tags. This is the only tag that I truly like. It is a ghost print of Tim Holtz's "Shattered" stencil, which I think is more of a spider web than shattered glass. I printed it on a blank tag, then put transparent gold on the plate and went over the tag. Didn't cover all of it, so added some Indian Yellow Hue, which is also very transparent. It is my new favorite color.

All of the above is my way to escape the disaster this country has become. I am ashamed of our government. I have contacted my representatives more in the past 6 months than ever before in my 69 years, 48 of those years as a registered voter. It is all I can do, vote and protest. And resist.

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