Monday, March 13, 2017


I took this last Wednesday. The illness had already started, and I didn't realize it

Me trying to keep him calm at Airport Emergency Vet

Yesterday morning, after we came home

A Junque Journal cover I worked on, trying to keep calm
Jake, my shelter rescue dog, has always had a sensitive digestive track. But the past 4 days were straight from hell. Thursday morning he would not eat any breakfast. This happens, so I just let it go. The dogs were spending half a day at the Puppy Playground because I had to work and attend a meeting in the afternoon. When we were all back at home, I put down supper. Jake wouldn't even sniff it.

So I picked up the dog food before the Hoover vacuum eating system could inhale it (Gracie), and made rice in beef broth. I am a dog mom. There is always low sodium beef broth and rice in the pantry. Let it cool a bit, and put that down. Again, no interest. Okay, time to worry. This is my go-to meal when Jake is sick. I called the vet. They had no openings , but could see us at 8am Friday morning. I said yes.

From midnight Thursday to Friday morning was hell. He paced, up and down the hallway. I would get out of bed to let him out, watch from the door because we have so many coyote attacks in this area, and softly call him to come in. At one point, I had to go out to get him. On Friday, the vet listened to my list of problems, examined Jake, and said it sounded like chronic pancreatitis, but that we would hold off on all of the expensive testing, and give him a shot for vomiting. Bland food diet, gave me 4 pills to dispense over the next 2 days, and if Jake wasn't better by Monday, call them.

I was on the phone with the girl at 8am Saturday. Jake was worse, and I was frantic. I wanted him hospitalized, they told me to take him to the emergency vet. Off we went.

No idea what emergency vets are like in your neck of the woods, but here in Indy they are the best. Everything is explained and discussed with you before they proceed, because folks, this is expensive. Like all medical care. They did a pancreas blood panel. No pancreatitis. Then an xray. No blockage, lots of gas and inflammation, no liver involvement. So we admitted the little guy and put him on an IV and catheter. And there he remained until Sunday morning.

Sunday was not pleasant. He refused all food from me, and my heart was breaking. I had a stress headache the size of Montana by 4pm.  But late last night, after going outside with Gracie, he ate, slowly, a small treat. This morning I fixed him a bland breakfast, and he ate all of it. Now to get 2 pills down him, and we are good to go.

In case you are wondering, my vet bill for Friday was $60. My vet bill for Saturday and Sunday was $1,109.00. Yep. On Visa. Here are my thoughts: dogs are companions. They are loyal, love you unconditionally, and depend on you for food, shelter, water, and care. If you are not willing to take care of any animal you obtain, then don't own animals. It is that simple.

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