Sunday, December 18, 2016

Random thoughts

Still trying faces. This is from a month ago.

The top of a chipboard box that I painted, added an embellishment

Box from the side

Newest assemblage that found a new home

Old Maya Road chipboard album I painted

then added tags with Donna Downey stamps

Stream lining the storage

Way more space for way more stencils. YES!

Replaced the one bookcase with a grid
Yesterday was a wet, cold, slightly slippery day. I went out briefly, but devoted most of the day to cleaning out two closets. Back in the 1990's when we had Crowe's Nest Crafts, I had 15 Rubber Maid containers. The heavy duty, large ones with a snap on lid. I would pack our wood crafts into these containers, load them into the back of the truck, and when we arrived at a show, empty them in a certain order. Empty containers were stacked, an old woven lap throw, or quilt would be placed over them, and you had an instant display table. We were very efficient.

I am down to around 10, and have had these stacked up in those two closets for the entire 8 years I've been in this house. Before that, they were stacked in various closets in Marshall, IL. I did major cleaning out shit when I moved, but the time had come again. I emptied 5 of those suckers yesterday, by consolidating and pitching. (3 small items seem to have made their way into Cathy's Christmas present bag. Don't tell her, okay?) I eye balled the width of the bookcases in the studio, and thought I could get both into the closet with enough room inbetween to fit a stack of clear, plastic containers that actually hold crafting/painting/sewing supplies. Yeah, no. I was short 4 inches, so the one bookcase remains in the room. But damn, I like this new set up. Today I will organize all of the stencils.

Not only did I clean up the walls, I also got rid of everything under the big table as well. The room feels bigger. I am taking bets on how long it takes me to clutter it all up again. The goal for 2017 is not to buy one more embellishment, canvas, paint, sticker, whatever, until all of that is used. All that you see in the above photo. Yep. That's the goal.

I never said stencils.

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