Thursday, November 3, 2016

One More

Front of house

Other side

The back

One of my burning bushes out in front of the house
This is another paper mache house that I received as a gift from Cathy. Actually it was closing the store, for the very last time, and one of those "take this, get it out of here" moments.

I primed the chipboard with gesso, then put two coats of Americana craft paint on everything. The chimney was a separate piece, so it is glued on, as are the window frames and door. All those extra elements came with the house kit. I added the star on the door, and the candy canes.

The fake brick look is something new to me. I purchased a Tim Holtz die set: one is a mini alphabet, one flagstone, and the last is this brick pattern. Going to have some fun with this.

Cubs Won. Pigs will now fly. Hell has frozen over, and Lord help us with this election.

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