Monday, November 21, 2016

Art Journaling

Kind of done spread

Then I added words

And flipped the page and started on a new spread
I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube. In particular, Christy Sobolewski. She has a ton of free videos, some quite long. The above is a technique that she was doing in several studies for a new painting. Don't ask me why I never thought of this, because DUH! I should have.

In the first spread of red and pink, I used a brayer to apply Martha Stewart craft paints randomly over the page. No water was added. I stand up, and work that brayer with a lot of muscle behind it. The paint is medium in thickness, and can be manipulated if you don't wait. This gives the "skips" and "misses" in the application, resembling stucco walls. I happen to love this effect. I then went through my zillion stencils, and did I have a motif like the above? Hell, no. Stopped at Hobby Lobby with a friend, and found two stencils that fit what I was looking for. All of the stenciling was done with Ranger's Dylusions paint. Dylusions is thick, perfect for application with a cosmetic sponge. I liked how this spread turned out, but wasn't satisfied. Onward.

The bottom spread in orange, yellow, red, and green was done in steps. I used Dylusion paints for all of this, applying the base coats with a one inch brush, not cleaning the brush, and working the paint into the next color with just a touch of water on the brush. I then started to stencil, this time starting with the white and overlaying that with the darker colors.  I then randomly added some light green. After the bright yellow went down in the center, I thought it was too bright, so I put some Gesso on my brayer, and lightly went over the entire spread to tone it down.  After that was dry, I did the final stencil with Pomegranate Seed, my favorite color in the entire Dylusions line. It is so intense, just makes me happy.

While trying to decide if this spread is done, I started another late yesterday. Applied 3 shades of teal/blue from Dylusions heavy, with a brush. Will start the stenciling this morning.

I am having way too much fun.

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