Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gelli Printing Class

One of my classmates with some of her work

More work from classmate

She printed on muslin. I want to do this!

We had Gelli prints everywhere, people!

Muslin printing from another classmate

And more prints

Love this

My favorite from another classmate. Wish I had taken a better shot

Lamp shade metal frame used to hang stencils

One of my prints

Friday night demo table with Carolyn and her friend, Christa

a ton of paint on that Gelli plate
I can get into more trouble. It's me. What else do you expect? I am not afraid to spend money, leave home, board the dogs, or venture out to meet people. My curiosity will lead me down the road and into all kinds of creative adventures. This past Friday was one of them.

Carolyn Dube has a blog here. I read it on a regular basis, and several weeks ago she posted about teaching a Gelli Plate printing class in Columbus, OH. Hmm. I'd never been to Columbus, OH, so why not? I signed up for a 3 hour class this past Friday afternoon. This meant dropping the dogs off at Miss Sherry's in home dog sitting, (Bye, Mom. Yeah, go already) and driving the 190 miles. Unfortunately, and I really need to work on this, I didn't read the tiny little tiny blurb that said "Classes are being held at the Embassy Suites in Dublin, OH." No, I pulled off an address from the net and landed at a very beautiful, historic area in Columbus. An address that was 5 years old. So my first tip to whomever runs this Artscape weekend? UPDATE THE WEBSITE!!! Take that address off, please. After a phone call, I was on my way from Columbus to Dublin. Whew. Lots of driving.

But I had made up my mind that I could either fret about the mix-up, or take it in stride and have a good time. I had a GREAT time. Carolyn is a very inspiring instructor, and I came home with a new perspective on Gelli Plate printing and combining colors on the plate. I noticed on the drive home on Saturday that I also had paint still on my fingernails and under my arm. What can I say?

Carolyn has an all day Gelli Plate printing class called Extreme Printing coming up in September, in Cincinnati. I've never been to Cincinnati. Yep. Road trip!

Enjoy your day.


  1. It was such a joy to see you again- so honored you drove all that way to play! I never would have known you got lost- you were in such a great mood for class! And you prints- so much fun to see the joy on your face (and your prints were awesome too)! Can't wait to see you in September Linda!

  2. Another fantastic class with Carolyn. Cute pups. xox