Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Random Thoughts

Dega, sitting on my lap

The first cube

And here we have all 6 cubes completed
Cathy and I have this theory. It's that women who like to craft, scrapbook, paint, do mixed media, etc. secretly just like to organize supplies in cute containers. We have come to this conclusion because we both realized that we spend far more time, effort, and money organizing than we do creating. This could also be because we are nuts. Or not.

It started like this: I had these ancient plastic containers sitting on top of the older, larger 6 cubes above for several months. Looked like crap to me, but I could find whatever I wanted. Most of the time. THEN I saw on the internet somewhere, probably on a blog, that an artist had used old dressers to store her stamping supplies. The light bulb went off over my head, and I started looking for old dressers. Yeah, no that didn't go anywhere. Cathy and I had our eyes on some of those painted dresser type furniture pieces at Hobby Lobby, with loads of drawers. Not super expensive, but the cost was enough to make us think twice.

I happened to stop at Cathy's one day 2 weeks ago, and saw she had 2 of these cubes with drawers in her work area. She had purchased them at Michael's years ago, but thought they were still there. Michael's was having a sale, 70% off the craft storage units. Our local store didn't have them, but leave it to Cathy to find them online. With the sale price, they were $15.99 each, and Michael's was only charging $9.85 to ship all 6 I ordered UPS. Whoa, let me whip out my credit card!!! Take my money.

The 3 boxes, each containing 2 flat and in pieces cubes, was delivered in 4 days. All I had to do was put them together. Right.  THIS is my rant: we all know all of this shit comes from China. The instructions are almost always in English, French, possibly German, and Spanish. Thank the powers that be that there were also detailed drawings, or I'd still be sitting on my living floor muttering to the dogs. Why can't the manufacturers have someone that speaks English primarily write the damn instructions? No, they always have an individual that speaks English as a second language write this crap, and the idioms are weird. But I did figure it out.

The first cube with all 3 drawers took me 3 hours. No joke. From that point though, I was whipping those drawers together in 12 minutes per drawer. I timed myself. Watched CASTLE reruns on TNT and screwed stuff together. Nathan Fillion makes everything easier.

I am loving the organization. Typed up content markers for the front of each drawer. Cleaned out stamps that I have not used in years and gave them a new home. I have 3 drawers still empty, which means I can now shop and buy more stuff.

Life is Good.

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