Monday, October 19, 2015

alisaburke: landscape photography- a few tips

alisaburke: landscape photography- a few tips: Today my latest online class Lovely Landscapes goes live and while I can't give share the entire class, I thought it would be fun...

This is a wonderful post about photography. I would quickly like to add a few more tips:

If traveling by car (we go out on a lot of one day or weekend type get-aways), throw in a large beach towel or blanket. You really can get some amazing shots by lowering your perspective, but often the ground is wet and/or cold.

Look for colors that attract your eye, or combinations of color. Sometimes they don't always transfer well to the digital world, but often they do. The beauty of digital is you can see it immediately. I LOVE that.

I need a new camera. My Canon D40 has died a good death. Had it for 8 years, and it was used, used, used. I miss the creative aspects that equipment encouraged and allowed. So a future blog post will be about what I decide to purchase.

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