Monday, August 10, 2015

It's a Monday

At the dog park, and everyone refuses to look at me. Gracie at top, Libby to the left, Yuki to the right.

Jake and the evil stink eye

Gracie finding something interesting outside
I took all three of these photos with my phone. The more I use the camera on the Galaxy S6, the more I like it. I have heard that Samsung made this camera to "duplicate" the iphone camera. If that's true, I may have to finally break down the next time and get an iphone. It is still rated as the best camera on a phone. What I especially enjoy is the quality in low light. Look at the pic of Gracie, and the detail in her fur. The only available light was coming in from the living room window to the left. Love it.

Enjoy your day. Thanks for stopping by.

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