Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dog Park

Big sister Rylee with puppy Libby. That is Gracie's butt.

Jake sniffing Libby's butt

Libby and Rylee

The weather cleared up yesterday afternnoon, late. I received a text message from Cheryl that she was heading to the dog park with Libby for the first time, did I want to join them? Well, yeah!

Rylee, who is 7 years old, is kind of like a dog whisperer. When she is around, other dogs tend to NOT misbehave, unless they don't know Rylee. She is a calm, sweet German Shepard mix, but she won't tolerate weaker or smaller dogs being bullied. I love that. Rylee and Gracie have been buds since puppyhood.

Perhaps that is why Libby is fearless, because she knows her big sister has her back. But this little pup is not displaying any shyness or hesitation in greeting other dogs. Of any size. There was a mixed breed, the largest dog there, bouncing around her and she turned around and let him know in no uncertain terms what she thought about that behavior. He backed off. At one point, Jake lost his mind and totally forgot that Rylee was there, and started to circle and bark at Libby. Rylee was in his face in a second, and Jake then looked for me. MOM!!!! I told him he was on his own if he wanted to act like an asshole.

Life is good. Welcome to our world, little Libby.

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