Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Libby, 6 weeks old with her mom, Cheryl

Jake, March 2015

Gracie, March 2015

Rylee, 7 years old (Cheryl's)

Max, 2 years old, May 2015

Ben, 2 years old, May 2015

Dega and Gracie. Dega is 7. May 2015
They are our kids, too. They won't buy us candy, or a plant, or take us out to dinner. They can drain your bank account in a heart beat with illness, and cause your stomach to clench in fear because they can't speak. Not with words, no.

With their eyes they can tell us everything. With a nuzzle, lifting your arm to be petted. With a gentle kiss which is actually a lick.

They can bring us great joy, be a royal pain in the ass, and cause your heart to break. But when you are having a bad day, a really horrendous day, there is nothing like a hug from a dog. No feeling in the world can match a dog's head resting on your leg, looking up into your face. Always saying, with those soulful eyes, "I am here."

Happy Mother's Day. Yeah, the dogs count. More than words can relate.

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