Thursday, April 2, 2015


Crab apple tree blossoms April 21, 2011

Gracie was an only dog at this point
When I found these photos this morning for Throw Back Thursday, I realized we are only 3 weeks away from flowers blooming. The maple trees in the back yard have buds, the pussy willow tree is loaded with the pussy willow type blooms, and the grass is getting green. I have cut back some of the decorative grasses, and cleaned flower beds out front. Then paid the price yesterday, with pain so intense I could barely move.

I have to learn to live with this pain and discomfort, how to let it coexist with me. I lose patience with the dogs when I am barely able to move, and that makes them fear me. Don't like or want that to happen. So each day is a new learning experience. How to move, what will ease it if just for a few minutes. This spring I can honestly say is the worse my back and legs have ever been.

I am going next week for yet another spine injection. I then return to the specialist for a discussion of options. Medicare doesn't pay for most of those options, so at that point, you weigh the quality of life against the possibility of returning to work at some point. I am not saying any of this to elicit pity. I am stating a fact about what happens to people over the age of 65 in this country. We all don't retire with a fat 401K.

Growing old is not for wimps. Looking at old photos of flowers and dogs does indeed help. Have a good one.

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