Thursday, March 5, 2015

TBT - Throw Back Thursday

Jake 09/29/2011

Jake 09/29/2011

Gracie and the maple tree 09/29/2011
I truly enjoy going back and looking at old photographs. Reminds me of good times and bad, keeping everything in perspective. Found these this morning, just looking at a random folder on the Mac.

Jake had been with us only 4 months at this point. How little he was. And to tell the truth, I think he was still taking his measure of Gracie and I by the look on his face. Hmmmm. Should I stay or should I run? Think I'll stay. She feeds me. And pets me.

Obviously we had a drought that year. I had pulled up the little maple tree from the side of the house, dug a hole and stuck it in the ground in May, 2011. This was after Gracie had picked up the one main trunk and ran around the yard with the tree in her mouth. It had lost all of it's leaves, but I kept watering the little stick, hoping it would take hold and grow. It is now taller than the house, and both dogs love stretching out in the shade it makes for them.

Enjoy your memories.

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