Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Not Resolutions

I am not fond of the word "resolutions." The connotation is that of cement: I must do this or suffer dire circumstances. My ears will fall off. My tongue will turn green, then blue. No, wait. Those are the drug warnings on television commercials. I do get confused.

I think it is only human to reflect on how your life is moving along, and what improvements could be made. Lose weight, quit smoking, stop shooting heroin, those types of improvements. Setting new goals is also an end-of-the-year ritual. Today let us flip this around a bit, and instead of saying we are making New Year Resolution's, and setting new goals, we are just going to be better. Or just be.

Be kinder.
Be more gentle with people.
Be humane with animals.
Be understanding - that not everyone is walking the same path as we are.
Be wiser. Do your own research on whatever subject comes your way. That includes medical problems.
Be happy.
Be content with your lot.

Perhaps it is my age. Perhaps it is the fact that I am in this alone (well, with two dogs), and I have my counsel to listen to without any interference. But good grief, you have to find your own happiness. No one else on the face of this planet is here to make you complete, happy, content, satisfied. Get off your lazy ass and do it yourself.

Sorry. I had to vent. Left over frustration from Christmas. Sigh. It's gone now. Thank You.

Thoughts I'd like to ponder for this new year: more travel, particularly to the Pacific Northwest. I do want to lose this extra weight, some of which is the result of no longer smoking. A good thing. And I want to create more. Time will tell.

More belly rubs, please!
Have a safe New Year's Eve.

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