Monday, November 17, 2014

I Don't Think So

Like a great many people, I rarely open my front door. The garage is attached to the house, so I exit and enter through the connecting door. Yesterday, after returning from the dog park, I walked the dogs out to get the Sunday paper. And saw a white flyer attached to the front door.

I live in a subdivision that is approximately 15 years old. There are pockets of half size empty lots scattered throughout the homes, and a narrow tract of land with some woods that runs to the west of our subdivision. I always thought that that tract would have been developed at some point had the housing recession not hit in 2007-2008. The only access to this tract of land would be either opening one of the residential streets within our housing area, or giving access off of CR100N, which borders the subdivision on the north side.

The flyer I picked up was a call to concerned citizens to "take a stand". Some yahoo has approached the county to rezone that tract of land from residential to commercial so he can build storage units. Right within the housing addition. Isn't that quaint? The public meeting is tonight, and you can bet your sweet ass I will be there.

CR100N is a two lane blacktop that runs due west to east. When it crosses the line into Marion county, it becomes 10th street in Indianapolis. Everyone who drives on this road thinks they are at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is a major commute route into the city for those who live outside of the city. Traffic right now, today, is horrendous. Mr. Yahoo wants to add MORE traffic? I can barely get out now.

My point in discussing an issue that is very local is this: we elect people who should have brains to run our governments. All levels of government. Yet when some imbecile wants to lower the quality of life for several hundred people, endangering a few thousand more, no one has enough balls to say NO! This is not a good idea. The roads can't handle the traffic. Find a different spot. There has to be a call to concerned citizens who live in the area to stand up and fight.

The obvious answer is we can no longer trust the people we elect to do what is right, what is logical. That is one hell of a scary thought. Want another? How many people do you know who would stand up to fight?

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