Monday, May 5, 2014

Where there's a will, there is a way

Melissa and Dega, visiting

Beautiful tulip on one of our walks
I figured out a way to access my photos in a round-about manner. Works for me, until Apple and Adobe have a meeting of the minds, and fix THEIR glitch.

The above photos were taken with my phone. Melissa and I have a play date a week with the dogs. Dega makes himself completely at home at my house, which is just fine. He looked so damn cute, resting his head on the chair arm I just had to snap a pic. Sorry for the glare coming in the living room window. It is what it is. The tulips were blooming at Avon Town Hall Park, at the end of one of the trails. As we emerged from the wooded areas, the pop of color just caught my eye last week. Just shouts SPRING, doesn't it?

Have yourselves a wonderful Monday.

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