Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sounded like a good idea at the time

Dega, Melissa, Yuki, Me, Jake and Gracie
Yesterday was a beautiful fall day. I had walked the dogs in the morning, knowing they would be home for a few hours while I went to an Art Fair in Fountain Square. When I arrived home, they were full of themselves and it was time for a good run.

I arranged to meet Melissa at the dog park. Now. Dega is a Wheaton Terrier. Jake is a terrier mix with who knows what. The dogs have a lot of characteristics in common. Both are alpha dogs, both have a certain attitude when meeting new dogs. The stage was set.

There were only 2 other dogs in the park when we arrived. Yuki, the little Westie above, and Apollo, a large German Shephard. Dega took one look at Apollo and the fight was one. Gracie is running around barking at Dega to get away from Apollo (jealous), and Jake decides this is a good time to bond with Dega and pick on another dog.

We got them away and went downfield. Apollo followed. Repeat above, several times. They would separate and be fine, then whatever would happen, Dega would bound over to Apollo and start again. I told Melissa that either he is bipolar, or just nuts. We agreed on just nuts.

Walk the dogs and enjoy the weather. We all know it won't last.

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