Sunday, January 20, 2013


I was too busy this past week. Every single day I told myself I had to post something, and didn't. So I apologize.

This is turning into a very reflective month. At times when we are faced with life's challenges, you feel overwhelmed. The danger of that is allowing depression to creep into your life and take up residence. So I have been confronting each day and it's own problem with a "how can I fix this?" attitude. The answer may not come immediately, but it does appear within a few hours. Allowing yourself to be creative in thinking as well as crafty outlets is a very good thing.

And there is something to be said for solving those problems all on your own. Not that I don't value my friends, I do, but we are all individuals, and no one knows as well as you what is best for this moment, this period in time.

So today I choose to think good thoughts, to rely on my own self for answers and solutions, and to learn how to walk away when it is appropriate. Thanks for stopping by.


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