Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Very Sneaky

Isn't he adorable? So loving. A great companion. A little shit....

Yesterday was dark, windy, and cold. We stayed in all day, only venturing out into the backyard for short spurts. I decided it was the perfect day for laundry and cleaning out the craft room. For the past 2 months, I had been dumping extra craft items from the booths into this room. It finally reached the point I could not move around to do anything.

I love baskets of all types, and use them in almost every room in the house. The studio is no exception. The original idea for this long, deep basket was to hold bolts of ribbon, neatly organized. When I pulled it off the shelf yesterday, all types of embellishments fell on the floor. So as I was sitting, on the floor, sorting mini grapevine wreaths, stars, and bows, from candy cane chenille stems, and various rolls of Christmas greenery, Jake entered the room. He sat down, gave me a quick kiss, and then starting sniffing the items on the floor.

The automatic "mom" response in our house is "Leave It!!" This works about 90% of the time. But the weather has not been good, the dogs were bored, and were not interested in playing in the backyard due to that brisk wind chill going on. So Mr. Jake was looking for anything that would break the boredom. Before I could stop him, he had grabbed a very small grapevine star, holding it in his front teeth. He then turned to me and grinned, tail wagging furiously.

Ya gotta laugh. They know exactly what they are doing: getting attention from mom. I held out my hand and said "drop". He did, then turned back towards the pile, and another command stopped that. He finally left in disgust. Mom didn't want to play his game.

And life would be so bland without them. Have a good day.

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