Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, Bother!

Poor Jake. He absolutely hates the big camera. I think because he can't see my face when I hold it up, and he is not yet confident enough to know mom won't disappear. So this shot is what I got the other morning. Jake looking very forlorn, ears down, waiting for mom to stop this nonsense.

On the other hand, Miss Diva Princess knows a few things for sure: she is beautiful, photogenic, and no matter what she does, I am going to take her picture. Until SHE decides the photo shoot is over. And turns her head. I have 4 shots of Gracie turned away, the one paw hanging off the edge of the bed. We're done, mom. Get it? Finished.

Ordered a new little camera on Cyber Monday. I am going to try a Panasonic Lumix, which had some glowing reviews from users. It also had a very high rating from Consumer Reports, which the little Canon cameras did not. I have sorely missed being able to carry a little camera with me on our walks, and for taking pics of the crafts. After being robbed in September, I will not leave anything in the car, knowing the thieves will break out a window to get what I have. So the big camera and case have to be with me, and that is a hassle.

Have a wonderful day. Enjoy.

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