Tuesday, October 2, 2012


These are fake pumpkins. Sorry, just liked the display
Cathy and I went to Nashville, IN. on Sunday. I usually go down at least twice a year, simply because it's a beautiful drive from my house, and always a fun day. Besides, they have great fudge.

We have been making a pumpkin duo, one large, one smaller, that are attached together and sit wherever you want them to sit. I don't have any photographs of them, because those pics were on the camera that was stolen when the assholes took my purse. Sorry. Is it politically correct to call thieves assholes? Do I care?

Back to the pumpkin duo. These are made of muslin that I paint and then grunge. Cath adds spanish moss around the wood stick stems, and we're done. And can't, literally can't make them fast enough. We decided last night that we will do 4 more sets and call it a season. These suckers never made it to the Etsy shop, they sell the same day we put them in our craft booth. Forgot to mention, we do not paint them orange. No, the larger one is black, the smaller one is cream color.

So we were thrilled to find cream colored pumpkins, for real, on display in Nashville. I also found two small ones that were naturally black. We're now trying to figure out how we could grow these. Pumpkins need a lot of room. I kind of think my neighbors would complain if I had pumpkin vines encroaching on their property.

Something to consider.....

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