Thursday, September 20, 2012


I was robbed last night. This is not the first time in my long life that someone has stole material objects from me. It is simply the latest.

The sense of violation is so sharp, so devastating that it takes your breath away. Until a little time passes, until you can say "I am okay, my babies are okay, we were not hurt", then it starts to ease. But now the hard shit starts: getting another drivers license. Getting another social security card. Getting....

I worked at the store yesterday, and came home by 3:30. Around 4:15 I decided that the dogs needed to run, so we took off for the dog park. My routine is to roll up the windows completely, lock the car with my purse in it, and go into the park. I have keyless entry on the Ford, with the keypad. We were in the park for around 90 minutes, in clear view of the parking lot. No one saw or heard a thing. When we walked out, I noticed immediately that the passenger window was busted out. My purse was gone.

The thieves had charged almost $1,000 at the Avon Walmart within minutes of leaving the dog park. Thanks, Wally World. Those self check-out stations help the damn criminals, ya know that? YOU don't care. Sorry. I had to vent. The thieves then went across the street and tried to charge over $500 at Target, when Target said no, we don't think so. They also filled up with gas. An hour after that little spree, they tried to buy almost $700 of groceries, but were declined.

I lost all of my identification, my insurance cards, my social security cards, etc etc. There was only about $10 in the purse, but it also had my little Canon camera. Cathy and I had been taking pictures of crafts earlier in the day. I had forgot to remove the Canon. The thieves also have keys to my car on the fob, key to my house, key to the store that Cathy owns.

This post is to warn everyone to be more careful about what you carry with you. In the future, the insurance cards will not be in the wallet, nor will the social security card. The purse will never again go to the dog park, or anywhere else I have to leave it for whatever reason. And as I type this, I am listening to a story about a woman in the area who was watching television last night when 2 intruders walked in and stole that very television, along with her credit cards.

No one is safe. And the authorities have made it very difficult for the victims to obtain what they need for normal living. Think about it.

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