Monday, July 16, 2012

Not a drop to spare

Chicago Botanic Gardens are not located in Chicago. They are in Northbrook, IL. When I was there July 5th and 6th, they had a fairly good downpour in the late afternoon hours of July 5th. So I assume there is not a water shortage in that area, as they have had rain off and on all summer. The point is they can water the gardens, and this little pond/waterfall in the Japanese Garden is still full.

I have always heard that looking at a body of water has a calming effect on people, and have found that to be true on a personal level. I took this shot at around 8:30 am, drenched in sweat, kneeling in the shade. And then I just sat down to gaze out at the beauty. I was calm but slightly delirious when I considered jumping into the pond. Good sense prevailed: I want to return to the gardens when the weather is not so blazing.

Indiana's water restrictions are growing. Scary stuff.

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