Saturday, May 21, 2011

John C Calhoun Home

The front entrance to the house

Side yard

Side of the home

Fountain in the gardens

Back outside on the street
While walking in the historic district in Charleston, we stopped at the gate to the John C. Calhoun home. This gentleman figures prominently in the city's history. The guide was out by the front door, and she told us a tour would start shortly. We thanked her, and she invited us to tour the garden for free.

It amazes me what they packed into such small spaces, small by today's standards. The house lots were not large, but every home we saw had exceptional gardens. Everything was perfectly manicured, and stunning in color and layout. I now regret that we didn't tour one of the homes, but we didn't know how long we would need to get in everything on our "absolutely mandatory" list.

One day I will go back. Have a great weekend.

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