Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Friends

Oscar chewing on the tennis ball

Gracie with her favorite toy, a stick

Schox and Gracie

This is Schox
Isn't Schox just adorable? His owner was told that he was a boxer/schnauzer mix. I don't think so. Yes to the Schnauzer, absolutely no to the boxer part. We're thinking a schnauzer and a Westie were romantic. He's the right size. This pup is only 8 months old, and is so sweet. Great disposition.

Gracie found a stick to chew on. One of her favorite things in the world. My little girl loves to chew on wood, grasses, plants, shrubs, the deck, etc. Schox wanted her to either play or share the stick. Uh huh. Not into sharing there, Schox. Sorry.

The photo of Oscar, the Australian Shepherd, is just so typical of the breed. Oscar is a rescue, about 3 years old, and his owners have had him not quite a year yet. He's a great dog, and we were comparing notes on what Aussies do. They love to chew on balls also, and tilt their heads to the side to gnaw with the side teeth. They are also big into holding stuff with their paws.

I bought each dog a Kong last winter, at the suggestion of the dog trainer. This is made of hard rubber, and is hollow in the center. You can fill them with peanut butter, cheese, broth, whatever, and freeze it. When you need a special treat or reward, you pull the frozen Kong out of the freezer. I use peanut butter, and let me tell you, it occupies the dogs for almost an hour. Gracie knew right from the start to hold the Kong with her paws, for better leverage, so she could stick her tongue down in the center to get all of the peanut butter. Poor Sarge, having never had any toys or treats, rolled that sucker all over the wooden floor, trying to lick it at the same time. He then watched his sister, and figured out what to do. Sarge is now a master at using his paws to hold objects.

Ya gotta love it!

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