Sunday, August 22, 2010

Early Morning Mist

Brown County State Park in Indiana

This was taken from one of the viewpoints inside Brown County park in late July of this year. I love the contrast in greens. I am also constantly surprised at the change in landscape within this state. Growing up in Illinois, I was so used to flatness. Miles upon miles of cornfields with no hills, valleys, "hollers", whatsoever.

A few years back, Pat and I decided to spend a weekend in St Louis taking pictures. We wanted to see the Missouri Botanical Gardens and the St Louis Zoo. So Pat took the train to Effingham, IL., and I picked her up. I was living in Marshall, IL. at the time, which is a small town 14 miles southwest of Terre Haute, IN. We drove to St Louis, did our tourist thing, and set out to reverse the drive on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, my navigator (Pat) wasn't paying close attention and neither was the driver. We missed the ramp for I70, talking and not realizing this fact, and proceeded northeast on I55. The sameness of the land lulled us into a false sense of security. I should also add that we did the drive over to St Louis after nightfall. When we crossed over a big lake, Pat looked puzzled and said "I don't remember a lake on Friday, do you?" No, I replied, we're in Springfield! This is Lake Springfield.

Pat turned to me and asked if it was anywhere near Effingham? No, Pat, it isn't. I have always prided myself on my sense of direction, but this time the scenery didn't help. I had to get her to a train station, or drive her home to the suburbs of Chicago. I drove like the proverbial bat so she could make the train in Champaign, IL. Then I had a 2 hour drive back home to Marshall. Long, long weekend, but one we often chuckle about. You better believe we are more careful now when dealing with intersecting expressways.

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